Wednesday, October 30, 2013

1 MORE DAY! > Free shipping until October 31st!!!

Rush, rush, rush to 51 Stars Paris!!! You have only 1 more day to enjoy FREE SHIPPING until Tomorrow, October 31st!!!

Simply enter the coupon code "51AW13FPG" at checkout of your shopping cart, you will get free shipping by Colissimo from 100 euros spent.


ショップ「51 Stars Paris」にて、買い物かごチェックアウトの際に、「51AW13FPG」のクーポンコードをご入力頂くと、送料無料にて、商品をお届け致します!

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Styling: AW13 Party season styling

We have updated the top page (will be updated in next week!) and the styling page on our website! 

In this Autumn Winter 2013 season, 51Stars Paris would like to propose you a lot of inspiration for the Party season's styling... Enjoy 51 Stars Paris' styling and products offer on our shop!


この2013年秋冬シーズン、51 Stars Parisは、お子様のパーティーシーズンのコーディネートのご参考になるスタイリングをご提案します。51 Stars Parisならではのスタイリングや商品をどうぞお楽しみ下さい!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Free delivery between October 17th and 31st!!!

Rush and shop at  51Stars Paris between Thursday October 17th to 31st
We offer you free delivery when you enter coupon code "51AW13FPG" at checkout!!

Coupon is valid for use through October 31st. All orders of 100 euros or more are delivered free of charge by Colissimo.

* Cannot be combined with any other offers. 

明後日10月17日~31日までの間、51 Stars Paris」にて、買い物かごのチェックアウトの際に、「51AW13FPG」のクーポンコードをご入力頂くと、もれなく、送料無料で商品をお届け致します!


* 他のクーポンやディスカウントとの併用はできません。

Monday, June 3, 2013

New IN: Numero 74 - BE HAPPY collection

For this Spring/Summer season, 51 Stars Paris would like to more focus on accessories, small objects, decoration... rather than clothing. As a result... voila! We have many lovely pieces in our shop!!

この春夏シーズンは、51 Stars Parisとしては、洋服よりも、アクセサリーや雑貨、お部屋のデコレーションなどに注目していきたい気分。・・・というわけで、このように、とっても素敵な商品をお店に集めてみました!!

Numero 74's 'BE HAPPY' collection is one of the most excited collection that we would like to share...
先だって紹介したブランド「Numero 74」の「BE HAPPY」コレクションは、51 Stars Parisの一押し! 

Flower headband & flower ring:

Cushions: Rectangle & Mini-Heart:
コーナーについた小さな鈴が何とも可愛らしい、長方形クッション & ハート型クッション

お部屋のデコレーションに最適! レインボーガーランド (男女問わず使えるところも魅力!):
Each items is limited, so we recommend you to rush into our shop as soon as possible :-)

Friday, April 5, 2013

OUTLET> Further discount on OUTLET items

Although we have shift the clocks to Summer time last weekend, the temparature outside is still quite chilly to enjoy the spring/summer cloths... Or you may want to go for a spring/summer collection shopping, but this weather doesn't encourage you for it...

...So 51 Stars Paris would like to suggest you; "how about hunting the warm cloths for next Autumn/Winter in advance amongst our OUTLET collection?"

51 Stars Paris has just made further discount on the items in our OUTLET page!! You can still find the good-deal beautiful pieces there!!


 ・・・そんな気分のお客様には、是非、「51 Stars Paris」のアウトレットにて、次の秋冬アイテムを探してみてはいかがでしょうか?
51 Stars Parisのアウトレットのページにあります商品に、更なる値下げをしましたので、どうぞ皆様、この機会をお見逃しなく!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Autumn/Winter12-13 collection > Now 50% OFF!

Autumn/Winter12-13 collection sale still continues... they are now 50% OFF!!

Don't miss this opportunity, you can still find the beautiful pieces in our OUTLET page!!!

まだまだ素敵な商品(アウトレットのページ)が 残っておりますので、どうぞ皆様、この機会をお見逃しなく!